What Are Some Jobs Of The Upper Class In Ghana ?  

Ghana is a severely backward country. However, some cities of Ghana have developed and managed to lay down infrastructure and proper functioning for themselves. There are several kinds of jobs available for the locals in this country.

Most of the population in Ghana is uneducated and belong to various tribes. However, some people do manage to hold some high position in the country in spite of all this. Several non profit organizations are working towards training the youth of Ghana to undertake various kinds of jobs so that they can set up properly functioning units in the country.

Some of the upper class jobs that are held by the people of Ghana are government positions, security and police, accounting positions and gold miners. Children who belong to this layer of society attend private school and get premium education. The country’s affairs are run in the British colonial style where only a certain class of people gets all the benefits. There are several people in the beneficial category like the military, accountants, government officials, police departments, consumer industry, and shipping. However, there is a lot of corruption in the country where the money is used within the specific class of people without divulging and putting it back into the economy.

Most of Ghana’s people though uneducated are very hard working. They can produce hundreds of handicraft items and that is why they end up getting exploited by the higher class. These people can work all day for three meals given by the employer. In order to stop the extreme exploitation, some non government organizations are working with the youth to educate them better in specific industries so that they can find better opportunities.

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What Are Some Jobs Of The Upper Class In Ghana




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What Are Some Jobs Of The Upper Class In Ghana ? )
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