Kenya Ancient Civilizations  

Africa is perhaps the oldest continent and it was one big massive piece of land. Kenya is an eastern country of Africa and is also one of the ancient civilizations. This is evident through the rich historical facts of Kenya. Most of the historical facts of Kenya can be studied in the wildlife reserves and the kind of animals that inhabit the land in that country.

Kenya shows strong evidences of prehistoric civilization which dates back to 3 million years. The Kenyan Man is evidence that man lived here more than 3 million years ago. Some of the excavations from historial have revealed evidence that show that man could have lived in Kenya more than 20 million years ago.

The culture that is popular in Kenya is the Swahili and it dates back to an ancient civilization. However, unlike other countries in Africa Kenya was under colonial rule for several years and served as a colony for different countries like Portugal, and British. The development in Kenya can be attributed in a way to the colonization. Kenya was also taken over by the Arab Kingdom, which occupied the coastal areas of the country. There was not much development in coastal area however.

Ancient Kenya, however, has a different story to speak in the form of paintings in the prehistoric caves which depict hunting scenes and these paintings even showed scenes where men were hunted. It shows evidence of kings, agriculture, and even some pre historic utensils and weapons were found in Kenya.

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Kenya Ancient Civilizations




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