Kenya Top Rated Restaurants  

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and has several world class restaurants that offer great food. Kenya is very popular for the number of tourist attractions and game reserves concentrated throughout the country.

It is extremely common to find an Indian restaurant in Kenya as several Indians live there.  Some of the popular cuisines that you can find in Kenya are Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Norfolk and Ethiopian. It is rare to find American food unless you look hard and you may find one or two items in five star rated hotel's menu card. The best food to eat would be sticking to sandwiches most of the time which are easy to pack.

In Kenya, you would be getting rare opportunities to sit and dine and usually it is in the capital city of Nairobi. When you venture out into the forest reserves, you can forget about the world class dining experience. You would need to stick to what the resort offers you. The resorts can give you anything from wild boar to some exotic meat to eat.

One of the most popular restaurants and hotels in Kenya is the Oasis Restaurant located in the Holiday Inn in Nairobi. This restaurant offers world class continental cuisine.

Other popular restaurants in Nairobi are:

The Horseman
The Ibis Grill
The Mandhari

These are all expensive restaurants by Nairobi standards but for a tourist these restaurants may still be cheap. Safari Park and Handi are some popular Indian restaurants you can try in Nairobi.

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Kenya Top Rated Restaurants




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