Colonialism And Its Effects On Nigeria  

Nigeria was a culturally diverse country before any of the colonial invasions occurred and people were skilled craftsmen and had several ethnic diversities of their own. The British were the first to take over Nigeria after Vasco Da Gama discovered it and it is believed that they had adverse effects on the country.

The British westernized the entire country and the indigenous wealth was lost as a result. None of the Nigerians today continue with the African traditions including the handicrafts and most of them depend on western consumerism. Nigeria has been subject to several cultures like Arabs, British, Portuguese, French and the Germans and so it has gone through several transformations as a country. During these transformations it lost its own flavor and people, who were the original Nigerians of the indigenous tribes, have dwindled and become modern westernized citizens today.

Also, when the British ruled Nigeria, there was a lot of slave trade and people from this country were taken to several countries including the United States of America. British troops erased the Nigerian monarchy and they took over the country.

However, today looking at Nigeria it is difficult to say whether colonialism brought benefits or did it take away the originality from the country. There is a lot of infrastructure growth and a more stabilized government after the British have left and people have learnt from the former on how to run a country that is successful. If Nigeria was not colonized, then it would still have been a poverty stricken struggling country with a monarchial rule. However, the indigenous tribes would have carried on with their daily lives and would not have lost their identities and culture.

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Colonialism And Its Effects On Nigeria




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Colonialism And Its Effects On Nigeria )
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