Fact About Nigeria  

Nigeria is a country that is located in West Africa with a population of nearly 140 million. It is a combination of the Savannah grasslands, delta regions and coastal regions. Nigeria has several rain forests that encourage the breeding of several rare species of animals.

Three ethnic groups inhabit Nigeria mainly and they are the Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa Fulani. Nigeria has been influenced greatly by the Muslim religion and the influence is there to see throughout the country. Some tribes are a mixture of Christian and Muslims.

After the British rule, there was severe ethnic cleansing in Nigeria with one tribe attacking the other. This gave birth to a civil war between 1967 and 1970. However, after the civil war ended there was still no political stability in the country.

In spite of having excessive crude oil export, the country is not able to provide infrastructure to the people. The country may have several petroleum reserves but these places are inaccessible because of the lack of roadways and infrastructure. Nigeria is rich in natural resources like crude oil, palm oil, wood, textiles, peanuts, and rubber.

However, Nigeria could be the next potential hot spot for petroleum and the country may expand tremendously because of its reserves.

Nigeria is already good with adapting to new technologies and programs. They are active in the field of sports, leadership and education. Nigeria has the highest literary rate in Africa and the people are very progressive and this is seen as a plus point for the country.

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Fact About Nigeria




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