Is Female Genital Mutilation Still Practiced In Nigeria ?  

Female genital circumcision or FGC has been a cause of concern to the United Nations and World Health Organization for a long time now. The practice is still prevalent in countries like Nigeria. It is also practiced in several countries in Asia.

In Nigeria, female genital mutilation is a religious activity and it is very difficult for any organization to abate a religious cause because it is the most sensitive zone that any person can venture into. What is surprising is in Nigeria people who are from Muslim and Christian backgrounds practice it. In a survey conducted in Nigeria, it was discovered that nearly 25 percent of women have undergone genital mutilation.

 There are more than 250 ethnic groups that inhabit Nigeria and it is very difficult to talk to them about the ill effects of the mutilation because of the language and traditional barriers.

The practice is still at large in the country and is found mostly in the tribal and the pastoral areas. Some of the non government organizations have been trying to gain the confidence of some tribal sects and trying to talk them into stopping the practice. Even educated people have undergone circumcision in the country as per a recent report by the World Health Organization. It is a big cause for concern because even infants are subject to the procedure and more than 3 million infants and young girls are prone to it. It is performed very rarely on adult women. There are no benefits of the procedure and in only causes further harm.

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Is Female Genital Mutilation Still Practiced In Nigeria




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Is Female Genital Mutilation Still Practiced In Nigeria ? )
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