Main Tree Found In Nigeria  

There are several trees that are of agricultural value and contribute to the gross domestic product (GDP) of Nigeria. The Agricultural and Forestry Department call these trees the main trees of Nigeria and some of the trees are cocoa, palm trees and tea.

Palm trees are found in abundance in Nigeria and are easily the main tree in Nigeria because the country exports a lot of palm oil and other products derived from the tree. Palm oil forms a major chunk of the country's export revenue.

Cocoa is also exported to the United States and several countries in Europe, giving the country a huge income. These trees grow naturally in the forests and are of high value to the country.
Timber is another major export of Nigeria but not as much as palm oil and cocoa.

There is very little arable land in Nigeria and even crops like paddy and wheat are grown on the slopes of the mountains. The country just manages to produce enough for their own consumption. Another crop that is popular but not essentially trees is tea. Tea is not a major export but it is still the leading crop to be exported among all the other not so major exports. It is easy to cultivate tea and coffee here as these plants grow very easily on the mountainous terrain. However, the production can be seasonal.

When it comes to wood, timber is the main but other kinds of wood like saple wood and obeche are also exported to various countries across the world. Palm nuts, palm tree oil and items made out of palm leaves are the main exports that earn revenue for Nigeria.

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Main Tree Found In Nigeria




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