Roles Of Nigeria In The West African Sub Region  

Nigeria, as of today, is playing a very important role in the West African sub region as a leading country. It has come forth of all its troubles and is leading in fields of education, sports, exports and tourism as well. The president of Nigeria assures that the country will play an important and leading role but will not dominate over the West African region.

The neighboring countries are scared of good economic growth in Nigeria compared to their own and are being led to believe that they will be dominated and taken over. This could eventually lead to a war like situation which Africa cannot afford to have. However, the Nigerian President is making efforts to send the message of unity with clarity and says that united the region can achieve much more than Nigeria alone can.

Nigeria is urging to form the United West Africa sub region union by making 16 countries participate in the union. Together they can form trade pacts and establish international alliances and also ensure safety by working with each other. The economic and political integration will help them form the greatest union and establish a great region together. Nigeria, by taking a leadership role, is backed only by its achievements. Also, Nigeria is suggesting that a United West Africa is a better country than Nigeria alone. With this progressive approach Nigeria has won accolades of several national leaders across the globe. If this initiative is received well and taken by the other countries, then West Africa will soon be on the road to success and becoming one of the superpowers of tomorrow.

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Roles Of Nigeria In The West African Sub Region




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Roles Of Nigeria In The West African Sub Region )
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