What Religions Are In Nigeria ?  

There are several combinations of religions in Nigeria and each one has their own definition. Nigeria is a country that has more than 150 different tribes. These ethnic groups are separated mainly due to their religion and cultural beliefs.

However, overall there are only three popular religions in the world being Hinduism, Christianity and Islam and out of these two religions are dominant in Nigeria. The country has been strongly influenced by Christianity and Islam and these influences are noticed among the tribes through several of their religious practices, dialects and the way of living. The Hausa and the Fulani groups in the north east of the country are Muslims and the southern groups are Christians.

The Yoruba tribe is a big ethnic group and they follow a religion that is a combination of Christianity, Islam and the traditional Yoruba religion. They believe in the Supreme Being and as well as smaller deities. The Yoruba tribe is more influenced by the Protestantism and the Igbo, which is another tribe in Nigeria, is more influenced by the Catholic side of Christianity.

In recent times there has been a growth in Catholic churches across Nigeria which shows that Christianity is increasing in popularity in the country. It is possible that people from other tribes may be converting themselves to Christianity. However, Nigeria is an extremely religiously divided country with the Muslim in the north and the Christian in the south, and each side has its own Muslim and Christian minority.

The Muslim influence could be from the Arab domination for a brief period in the country and the Christian influence from British and Italian influence.

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What Religions Are In Nigeria




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