South Africa Traditional Foods  

South Africa is extremely modern in all aspects and one can find almost any type of food or clothing here. Also, street food is very popular in South Africa and one can find various cuisines like Moroccan, Italian, Chinese, Indian and Portuguese all in one street. However, this is from a tourist's perspective.

Traditional South African food is food from the indigenous tribes. You will find them eating the weirdest of creepy crawly things and yet made edible. However, this is a traditional part of South Africa which is not available for visitors mostly for several reasons including conservation point of view. Dome of the traditional food includes crocodile sirloin, fried caterpillars, and sheep and goat heads. There are hundreds of tribes present in South Africa and each one has its own cuisine. Some of them even have some rare kinds of snakes and if a tourist has the guts to try them, then they should go for it.

Babotie is a common traditional food which is like a Shepherd’s Pie and Braai is barbecued food but do not ask what is being barbecued as it can be anything! Boerewors is a handmade sausage and is served in all traditional meals in the country. When it comes to traditional vegetarian food, maize is the main crop. So, it is used in several preparations and a thick porridge is made out of maize flour. However, if you want to taste the best South African meal which is made traditionally, then it is best to go to a local resident's home and eat there.

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South Africa Traditional Foods




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