Weather Phenomena In South Asia  

The weather is a quirky and unusual state of the atmosphere and every corner of the world has weather phenomena.

However, it is the weather phenomena in South Asia that has captured the attention of scientists world over. The weather phenomena in South Asia are dependent on the variations in climate, just like everywhere else.

Weather Phenomena in South Asia:

Here are some common weather phenomena that you can see across South Asia.
  • Monsoon: South Asia receives monsoons from June to September. The rains occur because the air on land heats faster than the surrounding water and this results in the water evaporating. When the clouds get too heavy with moisture, they drop the moisture in the form of rain. The entire agriculture in South Asia is dependent on the monsoon but unfortunately it also wreaks havoc in towns and villages.
  • Heat Wave: This weather phenomenon is seen very often in the summer when hot weather continues for a prolonged period of time. During this time, the heat is unbearable and coupled with the humidity, it can be quite dangerous to venture out as you can get dehydrated and have a sunstroke.
  • Haze: This occurs due to suspension of dust particles, smoke and other pollutants in the air. Haze usually occurs in highly polluted cities where the atmospheric air is dry. Haze can be caused by industrial wastes, traffic emissions, forest fires and even farming in dry weather.
The Equatorial Jet Stream plays an important role in the weather phenomena in South Asia. This is an air stream and is responsible for bringing the South-west monsoon to South Asia.

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Weather Phenomena In South Asia




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Weather Phenomena In South Asia )
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