What Type Of Government Does Brunei Have ?  

After Brunei became independent from the British rule the head of the State of Brunei is the Sultan. Brunei is ruled by a monarchial sultanate government. Today it is called a constitutional sultanate government under the laws of 1959. The Sultan is the head of the government and there is no system of elections.

The Sultan’s successor automatically becomes the head of the state. The Sultan is assisted by five councils and they take care of the welfare of the state. The legislative council has a total of 29 members.

The sultan of Brunei is Sultan Hassanal Bolakiah and he belongs to the family which has lived in Brunei since 15th century. His son Omar will be taking over the State after him through automatic succession. Hassanal Bolakiah is the oldest of the five sons and he is runs the affairs of the state.

The day to day administration in Brunei is over seen by a council of ministers and they report to the Sultan over the important events of the State. Brunei is an Islam country and the government and its people are very orthodox here. However, the city boasts of a modern infrastructure and the state of the art facilities. Also, education and medical care in Brunei comes free of costs for its people. There are no commercial or corporate taxes in the State.

People of Brunei mainly speak Malay, English and Chinese. Even the Sultan speaks in Malay. The Sultan of Brunei is considered as one of the five richest people in the world.

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What Type Of Government Does Brunei Have




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What Type Of Government Does Brunei Have ? )
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