Why Did Burma Become Myanmar ?  

The word Burma comes from Bamar, which is a Burmese word. This word denotes Myanmar, and refers to the Bamar people who lived in the country, and comprised the major part of the population. The country was actually called Burma in English ever since the Myanmar became a British colony.More...

What Kind Of Government Does Burma Have ?

What Kind Of Government Does Burma Have

Burma has been renamed as Myanmar and today, the country is run by a military government. The military is called Tatmadaw. It is also called the State Peace and Development Council. A parliamentary form of government was elected by the people in 1990, but the military stopped it from coming to power.More...



When Did Burma Become Myanmar ?

When Did Burma Become Myanmar

Burma is officially known as the Union of Myanmar today. Burma is a huge country in size. On one side, it is bordered by China, and on the other there is India and Bangladesh. It has Laos on the east borer and Thailand on the south east border.More...



Where Is Burma ?

Where Is Burma

Burma is one of the biggest countries in terms of area in Southeast Asia. It is a vast region that is less developed. Most of Burma is open land covered with golden rocks. However, the country has a rich wealth of natural resources. But, nobody has access to these resources, including their own country men due to the dictatorship like government run by the military in Burma.More...







Burma-Travel-Facts      Burma is known as Myanmar today. When Rudyard Kipling visited the country, he wrote that Burma is unlike any other place you would have visited. Burma has been a place of political unrest until recent years. However, now much of it is settled and peaceful. More..




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