Cambodia Culture  

Cambodian culture is influenced by Indian and Chinese Culture. The influence of Indian language and art reached Cambodia during the 1st century AD. Cambodia’s peak of achievement in the field of art, architecture, music and dance was witnessed between the 9th and the14th century.

Buddhism is the predominant religion. About 90% of the population consists of Buddhists and Theravada Buddhism is the religion from the 13th century. Christian and Muslim religions are a minority here.

The national language is Khmer which is largely influenced by Sanskrit. Many of the ancient words of this language are from Sanskrit, but modern words are largely from the French language.

The family system is very traditional. One should show respect to one’s elders. Marriages are largely arranged with the process being a complex one. Children are much cherished and till the age of four they are given physical affection. After they reach five years of age, they are taught social skills and expected to help around in their homes. A unique thing that people wear is the Krama, which is a scarf. This is worn for several purposes such as safeguarding from the Sun, used as a hammock for infants or used as a towel and so on.

One of the most important points for any visitor to know is that a person’s head is considered to be the place for the soul. It is vital never to touch the head of a person. Also it’s important never to pass any object to anyone with the left hand. Traditional welcome gesture is the ‘Namaste’.

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Cambodia Culture




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