French Influence In Cambodia  

Before the coming in of French rule, Cambodia was going through a dark phase between the 15th and the 18th century. French influence began in Cambodia in the 1850s, when French missionaries arrived here. Prior to the arrival of the French, Cambodia was witnessing a dark period between 14th century and the early 18th century. During this period the country succumbed to the Vietnamese or the Thai.

French rule put an end to Cambodia problems with its neighbors. At that time, Cambodia was being attacked by both the Thais and the Vietnamese. In 1863, Cambodia King Norodom accepted French protection.

In 1884, a treaty was signed with Cambodia, through which French influence was consolidated. The signing of this treaty bright far reaching measures into Cambodia such as the abolishment of slavery, settlement of French residents and private and ownership. Cambodia became a part of the union of Indochina in the year 1887. In 1907, Cambodia’s western provinces were restored to it through a French Siamese treaty. As a result of French influence, French became the land’s second important language.

In course of time, Cambodia began to get more and more power over its internal affairs. Cambodia had the permission for self governance inside the French Union in 1946. In 1949, Cambodia became an associated state in the French union. Though this status granted several rights for the King, it was not complete freedom. It only made Cambodia semi-independent. This change was to come about in 1953, when Cambodia was given complete independence from French rule.

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French Influence In Cambodia




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