How Many People Live In Cambodia ?  

The Kingdom of Cambodia is located in South East Asia. Cambodia covers an extensive 181,035 sq. kilometers. The population here is more than 14 million people. The Capital city of Cambodia is Phnom Phen and it is also the country’s largest city. The government here is a constitutional monarchy. The country’s King is Norodom Sihamoni and the Prime Minister is Hun Sen.

A Cambodian citizen is referred to as a Khmer or a Cambodian. Most of the population follows Theravada Buddhism. As of 2009, the population estimate is 14,805,000 and the population density is 81.8 per square kilometer.

A major part of the population is made up of ethnic Cambodians. The largest minority group here is that of the Vietnamese. This factor makes Cambodia have an ethnically homogeneous population. About five percent of the population is made up of Vietnamese. The next monitory group resent here is that of the Chinese. One percent of the population is Chinese.

Most of the people in the country live in rural areas and this is largely due to the impact of the Khmer Rouge regime. During the Khmer Rouge period, people were forced to go and live in villages. As a result, majority of the people still live in the rural areas, though with current economic development, thee has been quite a bit of relocation into the country’s city areas.

The official language here is Khmer, although people also speak French, owing to the large period of French influence in the country. Today, you can find that a lot of Cambodians are familiar with English.

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How Many People Live In Cambodia




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