Travel Warnings For Cambodia  

Cambodia is a prime tourist destination. It is a place of scenic natural beauty and one that you will find interesting to explore. However, as a traveler, you should b e aware of certain facts or travel warning before your visit. Every country has a list of travel points that they issue to their citizens whenever they travel abroad. It is vital to check yours, so that you have an idea of what superficially applies to you.

Here is a look at some general travel warnings for those traveling to Cambodia:

  • It is vital to check for health warnings. In 2009, when the HINI virus broke out, Cambodia was listed as one of the countries that was unsafe to visit. It is vital to check for such warning before proceeding on a trip
  • It is a must to have a valid passport and visa. Adhere to rules pertaining to visas. You can opt for a travel visa or a business visa. Check visa expiry dates before you book your tickets
  • Be sure to take up travel insurance. Comprehensive travel insurance offers complete coverage that you might require in case of an emergency
  • When eating out at hotels or restaurants, note that tipping is not something that is practiced.
  • There have been many security threats and threats from terrorists in recent years. It is vital for people belonging to certain nations to heed warnings issued by their government for travel with regards to personal safety.

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Travel Warnings For Cambodia




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Travel Warnings For Cambodia )
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