How Long Is The Great Wall Of China ?  

Many of us often wonder what the total length and dimensions of the Great Wall of China is. Several empires contributed towards building this wall. Many independent walls constructed by different dynasties collectively form the Great Wall of China and as few of its segments are sited in deserts, grasslands or in inaccessible mountains, investigators and researchers face great difficulty to investigate. Archeological surveys have come up with reasonable figures but unfortunately even the closest to accurate figure is an approximation.

The biggest cultural manmade relic that comes to mind is the Great Wall of China. Recent study says that it borders about 156 counties in 10 different cities and provinces that include places, such as Hebei, Beijing, interiors of Mongolia, Gansu, Tianjin, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Qinghai. If you make a trip or hike to the Wall, you will come back with pleasant memorable impressions of the fascinating sites during your hike.

The approximate measurement length-wise of the section of the Wall constructed by the Ming Empire was calculated to be 8,851.8 kilometers long stretching from Hushan to Gansu Jiayuguan Pass. The Great Wall of the Ming Empire comprises of seven hundred and twenty-three beacon towers, seven thousand and sixty-two lookout towers, three thousand three hundred and fifty-seven walled platforms and one thousand and twenty-six ruins Around Beijing this wall is about 550 kilometers long.

While investigating the modes of developing the wall and quality of life lead by the military men and workers dwelling alongside the Wall were taken into consideration, like the exploring the pits made of stones, post houses, walls as a definite defense against cavalry, waterways and drains, and cultural geography like the landscape, vegetation, environmental temperatures, faunas and hydrological state of affairs. Researching on these points will also help create a comprehensive database.

Unfortunately, the size of the Great Wall of China is decreasing on a regular basis and we are doing very little to preserve this relic. Natural erosion is a major cause and needs to be managed. Though it is not much that can be done to protect it from natural erosion, introducing various programs to increase the awareness amongst people to ensure care for the walls more frequently will help. Also, awareness needs to be brought amongst people to stop damages done by human to this property like pulling out bricks for one’s personal use, engraving names on the wall, dumping garbage alongside the wall. One must also ensure that sections of the Wall are not demolished to build modern structures. All these measures taken will not only save a prehistoric project but also gift a cultural inheritance to the coming generations.

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