What Does Hiroshima Look Like Today ?  

The date of August 6, 1945 stands etched in the hearts of the population of Hiroshima. Despite, the heart rendering medical and social consequences of the bombing; the city and its people have displayed immense courage to come to the present state of affairs. It took more than a decade that is 1958 for the strength of population to come at par with what it was prior to the disastrous event. By 1979, the progress made by the city was seen overshadowing the negative effects of the blasts.

Today, the city illustrates an amalgamation of trendy concrete structures and natural beauty. The present Hiroshima with a population of 1.12 million demonstrates a normal urban life environment with shopping arcades and department stores. The city’s revenue thrives on industries involving machinery, automotive (Mazda) and food processing.

However, despite the move towards progression, the citizens of Hiroshima have not forgotten their past miseries and have pledged their commitment to Hiroshima Peace Memorial City Construction Law that focuses on development keeping the objective of peace in mind. Every year, the city pays homage to those who lost their lives during the blasts on 6 August during a ceremony performed at Peace Memorial Park.

Hiroshima endeavors to liberate the world from the fears of nuclear weapons. Several survivors of the episode referred to as the hibakusha are alive even today but are still suffering from the genetic repercussions of the exposure to radiation. At the cost of reliving their gruesome past, they narrate their painful experiences only to motivate the present generation towards following the course of disarmament and peace.

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What Does Hiroshima Look Like Today





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