History Of Malaysia The Country  

Malaysia’s history can be traced to the 1st century BC. The most important and influential empire of the time was that Srivijaya. Their rule last for a period of 700 years, during which time they controlled the costs of countries Borneo, peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra. They also rule some areas in Java,but they could not control the entire country. There was a well established trade connection with India and China.

In the 10th century, the Srivijaya Empire declined. In the following century, Melayu, which is present day Indonesian Jambi province, rose as a rival power to the Srivijaya Empire. With the spread of Islam, many areas which were under Srivijaya’s control were lost. In the 14th century, Siam brought Malaya under his control. However, it did not stay with the Siamese for long, as the Javanese Majapahit Empire soon captured Malaya. The commercial kingdom of Malacca was established during this time

During the 1500s, the Europeans came into Malaysia. Malaysia began to grow, but in 1511, the Portuguese managed to gain control over it. In 1641, the Dutch wrest control of Malaysia, but as the British Empire began to expand all over the world, the Dutch handed it over to them in the 1824 treaty that they signed with the British. Complete British control over Malaysia began in the 1900s, and they ruled Malaysia till the 1940, when Japan took it over. After the Second World War ended, the United Malaya National Organization (UMNO) was established, giving rise to agitation for independence from British rule. Malaysia attained its independence in the year 1957.

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History Of Malaysia The Country




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