Where Is Malaysia ?  

Malaysia is located in the Southeast Asian region. The capital city of the place is Kuala Lampur. The seat of the Malaysian government is Putrajaya. The South China Sea separates the country into two sections which are Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo. The island of Borneo consists of two states - Sabah and Sarawak.

Peninsular Malaysia is located between 2º and 7º above the equator. Since the country lies so close to the equator, it has a humid and hot climate. The northern part of the country is bordered by Thailand, while Singapore is situated towards the south. The strait of Melacca separates Singapore from Indonesia along the country's western border. The South China Sea separates it from Malaysian Borneo on the eastern side.

Malaysia shares it border with countries Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. The country’s total land area is 329,845 square kilometers. Half of the Malaysian peninsula is covered with igneous rocks and granite and the other half is alluvium soil. The country’s total coastline is 4675 kilometers. Malaysia Borneo has a coastline of 2,607km and Peninsular Malaysia’s coastline covers 2,068 kilometers.

An interesting aspect about this country is that it has numerous islands surrounding it. The largest one is Banggi Island. Other important islands are Langkawi, Penang and Betruit. It is also a thickly forested country with 58 percent of the land area being covered by it. Much of the forests are rainforest, although you can find other areas covered with to dipterocarp, swamps, and mangrove forests.

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Where Is Malaysia




History-Of-Malaysia-The-Country      Malaysia’s history can be traced to the 1st century BC. The most important and influential empire of the time was that Srivijaya. Their rule last for a period of 700 years, during which time they controlled the costs of countries Borneo, peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra. They also rule some areas in Java,but they could not control the entire country. There was a well established trade connection with India and China. More..




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