Beautiful Places In Singapore  

Singapore stands apart in being one of the most unique island cities in the world with regard to the fact that not only does the city boast of contemporary high rise structures but has the freshness of natural beauty as well. Although the list of beautiful places in Singapore is endless but there are a few distinct places that if not seen can render your visit to the island worthless.

The Sentosa is one of the first places that most tourists aim to visit and remember it for years later. Visit to Sentosa is a package of good time that includes the refreshing sun and sand accompanied by a great beach experience, wonderful theme parks and sumptuous cuisines. The place is liked by elders and adults equally. If you are a nocturnal party lover, then Boat Quay is just the place to be in! Boat Quay offers drinks at any time of the night at the most trendy pubs and clubs of the island. If you are not the partying types, then do not lose hope. For nature admirers, the answer is the Botanic Gardens. The gardens offer a view of all varieties of flora available in Southeast Asia.

One of the most posh areas in Singapore lies along the Marina Bay. The area is expected to become world famous this year with the launch of the Integrated Resorts. The property around the bay is exorbitantly priced, each unit approximately worth 2 million Singapore dollars. Shopping addicts all over the world swear by the name of Singapore. The Orchard Road has all the important shopping points that include Takashimaya, The Paragon, The Heeren and Centre point. Sufficient money and time at leisure is what one requires to enjoy the goodies at Orchard Road.

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Beautiful Places In Singapore




History-Of-Singapore      As per certain Chinese records dating back to the third century, Singapore has been mentioned as Pu-luo-chung, which means the island at the end of a peninsula. However, apart from the name and its description, no further information is furnished about the land with respect to its history. More..




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