What Is The Capital Of Singapore ?  

Singapore, the smallest country in Southeast Asia, is an island nation. It is also a state and city, and it is located at the southern part of the Malaysian peninsula. Singapore or the Lion City, as it is referred to, obtained its name from Sang Nila Utama.

The tale linked to the origin of its name illustrates that the prince spotted a lion when he first visited the island and thus coined the name of the nation. However, a detailed analysis reveals that lions have never existed on this land and under all probability what its founder saw was a Malayan tiger. The island is officially termed as the Republic of Singapore. Its capital is Singapore itself. The city and country are actually a single entity.

Singapore stands apart as the only nation in Asia that has English as its first language. It also has 3 other official languages namely; Malay, Tamil and Chinese. It takes the second position with respect to the highest population in the world. The population of Singapore has a high percentage of foreigners that amount to 36 percent of the total populace. The population is dominated by the Chinese, followed by the Malay, Indian and other people. As a consequence, its culture is neither purely western nor eastern.

The Singaporean culture is an amalgamation of many ethoses. The nation has had a flourishing economy since ancient times. In present times, Singapore is rated 5th in the world when it comes to the gross domestic product per capita is concerned. The nation is also very expensive in terms of the general cost of living. It is reported to be at the tenth position with regard to being the most expensive city in the world. The Constitution of the country states it to be a representative democracy.

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What Is The Capital Of Singapore




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