Where Is Singapore Located ?  

Singapore is located among the numerous countries in Southeastern Asia. Although it is an island nation, it is wedged between Malaysia and Indonesia. Its precise location is the southern point of the Malay peninsula. The nation encompasses the island of Singapore and around 63 islets present in the region. Singapore has a total area of 647.5 square kilometers.

The specifications of the main island are about 42 kilometers from west to east and 23 kilometers from north to south. Its terrain is characterized as lowland with the Bukit Timah hill illustrating the highest point at 166 meters.

Singapore is located at an extremely strategic point, which makes it one of the engaged sea ports on the world map. Although Singapore seems rather small in terms of its size, it certainly does not lag behind in its economic status in comparison to the much larger nations of the world. The major credit of its thriving economy goes to its significant location.

The climatic conditions in Singapore are hot and sultry. There is little variation in the weather throughout the year. The day temperatures are roughly around 30 degree Celsius, with a recent surge to even 35 degree Celsius. The night temperature remains close to the 20 degree Celsius mark. The humidity level amounts to 75 percent. However, Singapore is highly cosmopolitan and most of the buildings are air conditioned, thereby leaving little space for the weather to stop one from exploring the fabulous city.

Most of the rain is experienced in the months of November and December. The ideal time to visit the place is considered to be from June to August. However, for those who enjoy basking in the sun, anytime of the year is right to visit Singapore. All one requires is light and cool clothing and do not forget the hat!

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Where Is Singapore Located




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