History Of Singapore  

As per certain Chinese records dating back to the third century, Singapore has been mentioned as Pu-luo-chung, which means the island at the end of a peninsula. However, apart from the name and its description, no further information is furnished about the land with respect to its history.More...

Where Is Singapore Located ?

Where Is Singapore Located

Singapore is located among the numerous countries in Southeastern Asia. Although it is an island nation, it is wedged between Malaysia and Indonesia. Its precise location is the southern point of the Malay peninsula. The nation encompasses the island of Singapore and around 63 islets present in the region. Singapore has a total area of 647.5 square kilometers.More...


What Is The Capital Of Singapore ?

What Is The Capital Of Singapore

Singapore, the smallest country in Southeast Asia, is an island nation. It is also a state and city, and it is located at the southern part of the Malaysian peninsula. Singapore or the Lion City, as it is referred to, obtained its name from Sang Nila Utama.More...


What To Do In Singapore ?

What To Do In Singapore

When seen on the world map, Singapore seems like a small nation. However, anyone who has ever visited the island will tell you a completely different story in terms of the amazing things it has to offer its tourists. Apart from making a visit to some of the top rated tourist attractions of the nation, there are certain other things that one can do to experience the true spirit of the republic.More...


Beautiful Places In Singapore

Beautiful Places In Singapore

Singapore stands apart in being one of the most unique island cities in the world with regard to the fact that not only does the city boast of contemporary high rise structures but has the freshness of natural beauty as well. Although the list of beautiful places in Singapore is endless but there are a few distinct places that if not seen can render your visit to the island worthless.More...


Singapore Facts

Singapore Facts

The name Singapore or Lion City owes its origin to the Sumatran prince, Sri Vijayan who mistook an animal for a lion while on a visit to the island in the fourteenth century. On August 9, 1965, Singapore became a sovereign and independent country.More...





Singapore-Top-Rated-Attractions      The Republic of Singapore is flooded with umpteen tourist attractions, and its warm tropical climate makes the visit even more comfortable. One of the latest attractions of the nation is the Integrated Resorts. This much publicized architectural project, at present has been granted license for only 2 resorts named after their specific venues -- Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World at Sentosa. These resorts offer a wide range of activities for young and old that includes casinos, spa treatments, theme park rides and membership of Resorts World Kids Club. More..




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