What Form Of Money Is Used In Thailand ?  

Baht is the money that is used in Thailand. The currency comes in various denominations starting from 20 and goes up to 1000. Denominations of 50, 100 as well as 500 are common.

The coins used in the country are called Satang. It is available in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Satang. These are made are predominantly made of brass. Satang is not as widely used as the Baht. This is because the Satang value is so small that you cannot buy anything with the coins in Thailand. You are hardly able to see any Satang in use today.

While traveling to Thailand you can carry Travelers checks for safety purposes. You can also get your currency exchanged at the local banks or with other money exchange agencies. Many of the big establishments in Thailand accept credit cards. Money exchanges also accept card and cash.
In order to transfer funds to your homeland, you may get a cash advance on your card by contacting most of the major banks. For the credit to reflect in your home account, it could take a couple of working days. Western Union outlets are found commonly. They are easily accessible in the country too.

ATMs are present all over the country. Some of the ATMs may optionally display important messages in English for the convenience of international tourists. Most of the ATM cards carrying the Cirrus symbol can be used internationally. However, users of the card need to contact their respective banks for the transaction charges. In most cases, the fee is quite high.

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What Form Of Money Is Used In Thailand




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What Form Of Money Is Used In Thailand ? )
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