Travel Tips For Europe  

You definitely need travel tips for Europe if you planning to visit this beautiful part of the world. You will be grateful that you heeded advice on travel tips as it will make your trip to Europe more enjoyable and fun.

Travel Tips for Europe:

  • When traveling to Europe, make sure you are carrying a sensible pair of shoes that are comfortable to walk in. All Europeans walk a lot and you too should enjoy the sites as you walk around different parts of Europe. At least you will return to the US in a much healthier condition!
  • Since you will be wearing shoes made for walking, ensure that you have some thick socks to cushion your feet.
  • European hotels do not have wash cloths in the bathroom. Make sure you carry your own.
  • Flushing systems in European toilets can be quite complex. You will find the handle to flush the toilet either on the top located on the water cistern or on the floor.
  • Be prepared to have pillows that full of feather. However, if you are staying in a good hotel, you can request for a foam pillow.
  • Do not expect an American breakfast of bacon and eggs in hotels. Be prepared to have muesli or cereal with cold milk along with a few cold cuts and cheese. However, rather than starving yourself, make sure that you eat everything that is provided for breakfast.
  • Depending on which country you are traveling to in Europe make sure you learn a few phrases so that you can ask the locals for directions. There are so many languages spoken in Europe but you may not find someone who speaks English!

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Travel Tips For Europe




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