How To Send A Fax To Austria ?  

Sending a fax to Austria is very easy as long as you get the area codes right. Faxing is an easy way of sending important documents and also it is faster. If you are traveling in this country, you may need some documents related to travel immediately. In such cases, familiarizing yourself with the country and area codes is very important. Or else, you could be dialing various numbers and wasting your time and money. Even if there is email, there are some circumstances which will not and cannot replace the fax machine.

First of all, to send any kind of fax to any place you need a fax number. This number could be within Austria or to a different country altogether. So, when you are look out for a fax machine, find one that has international coverage. Public machines are available in office supply stores. They charge you a nominal fee for sending or receiving fax. Ask the operator if you need to dial 9 first because some people require this. (See Reference 1)

In order to send a fax, you have to dial the country code that you are faxing from. Like for the United States, it is 011; for Austria, it is 43. This is the number you should use to dial a number outside the country. You can also check on the country codes website by doing a Google search. Then after the country code, you have to dial the city code and the telephone number of the individual or office whom you are sending the fax to. However, the receiving party should have a fax machine connected to the number that you are dialing in order to receive the fax.

The city code for Vienna is 1. Similarly, every city will have its own code. In the United States, the area codes are the city codes, and there are usually three digit numbers. However, for Austria the city code can be single or a double digit. (See Reference 1) For every country, the coding system differs, so you should familiarize yourself. Therefore, when you dial the fax number, typically it will start with a beep at the other end and if the fax line at the destination is receiving you hear the sound of the modem connection. Also, you will get a confirmation slip printed by the fax machine that you are using that the fax has been sent. Once you have this receipt you need not call and find out if the fax was received.

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How To Send A Fax To Austria


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