Climate In Paris Of France  

Paris enjoys perfect climate for the most part of the year. It has an oceanic climate, and there are rarely any extremities in the temperature. Summers in Paris are warm and pleasant. The average temperatures during the day time are 77 °F, and the lower temperatures are 59 °F. Winter is cold but not extreme, and the temperature could fall to 37 °F at the maximum. The average winter temperature is 46 °F.

In Paris, the temperature in winter never falls below freezing point. You can expect light rainfall throughout the year. Snowfall is very rare, and sometimes you may notice an occasional and very mild snow.

The weather aspects of Paris are perfect for the annual tourist inflow. People flock here to see the amazing churches and paintings. Paris is also the fashion capital of the world and every fall and winter designers launch their selections here. People come to see Paris for their own reasons. However, you can see tourists in the city throughout the year.

In Paris, July is considered to be the hottest month of the year and January the coldest. The suburbs could be cooler than the city. People are very eco-conscious in Paris, and you will find only fuel efficient vehicles or electric cars in the city.

Spring is noted to be the driest season in the city. In spring, the weather is very unpredictable with cold showers one moment, and extremely dry and humid weather after a few hours. Spring is usually from March to May.

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Climate In Paris Of France




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