How Did France Get Its Name ?  

The word France is derived from the Latin word Francia. It means land of the Franks or Frank land. However, there are several theories behind why the word Frank originated. It is a word from German origins and which means lance. The country had a tradition of throwing axes which was called as Francisca.

Also, another etymology suggests that Frank means free to live as opposed to slavery. That is what the people in France used to name their currency.

Anyway, for the purpose of history the name Frank’s meaning is considered to be free. The right to be free belonged to the conquering class. In Germany, France is still called Frankereich. It means the realm of Franks. This term has been used from ages to distinguish the land of Franks. The word Frank in short was used during the Middle Ages. This was the time when the Roman Empire fell, and the king of the Franks emerged. Slowly, it came to be known as the Kingdom of Francia. Today, this has been further modified to France Republic.

The Kingdom of Frank mainly extended to what is the modern Northern France region today. France was always ruled by the Dukes and even today, several places have been named after the Dukes.

The word France has many meanings. The word France refers to the entire republic of France. This is a political term used to describe it.

The word France was also used to refer to the modern city, and historically it was used to indicate the region occupied by the Franks.

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How Did France Get Its Name




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How Did France Get Its Name ? )
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