Yearly Weather In France  

France falls under the southern part of the temperature zone. There are several oceanic influences on the country and as a result it has oceanic weather throughout the year. It has the North Atlantic Ocean on the west and Mediterranean Sea on the South. France enjoys four different types of climates yearly.

In the west of France, you can find more maritime-kind of oceanic weather. The winters are mostly mild. The summers are cool and there is frequent rainfall. In the mid region of France, there is more extreme weather where the summers can get too hot and the winters very cold. You do not see much of rainfall in these parts. In Paris, the average temperature in July can be 18 degrees Celsius and in January, it can fall as low as 2 degrees Celsius.

In mountainous regions, France has more of a bitter winter and also longer ones. Since the precipitation is a bit high in the mountains, the area experiences average snow fall. Villages located in the valley see snow fall for at least 50 days in a year.

The Mediterranean coast all through experiences the sea farer's type of weather. The summers are very hot and also dry. The winters can be humid and mild.

North of France enjoys a good weather most of the year. In northeastern France, the summers are warm and fine, and the winters are cold and pleasant. In June, you experience the typical alpine weather. The cities that fall under this weather pattern are Riviera, Province and Roussillon.

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Yearly Weather In France




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