Summer In Cannes  

Cannes is actually a small city with a population of nearly 68,000 on the Mediterranean coast of France. Cannes is a beach city, and summer is the best time to visit the city. The summer is also the top season for the local residents of Cannes.

People from far away countries come here to partake in the festivals and also enjoy the long evenings on the beaches. The nights on the beach can be full of music with various bands playing and random concerts. Several music festivals are held through out the summer months. Nights are also filled with fireworks on the beaches. When the fireworks festival takes place in Cannes during the summer months nearly twenty thousand people from all over Europe attend it.

However, the other side of spending summers in Cannes is that it can get extremely crowded. Beaches can be full of people including tourists and locals. However, all said and done, Cannes remains one of the best cities of the French Riviera in the entire country.

The best things about the city are its weather, hotels in all ranges, villas, beaches and good facilities. Cannes has become famous among the rich and popular for its culture. Cannes Film Festival, Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, MIPIM Conference are some of the top attractions and events of the city. The film festival sets off the series of events to come, and the tourism season also starts with it. People would need to book their accommodation well in advance in order to enjoy Cannes in summer time.

Remember, daytime temperature in summer can be as high 40° C. So, wear adequate protection. But the good news is that the average temperature is around 25°C, and the cool Mediterranean breeze in the evening makes the evenings very comfortable and enjoyable.

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Summer In Cannes




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