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Le Havre is the busiest and the biggest port town of France. It is located right on the English Channel, and that makes it an important stopover junction for most of the cargo ships. There is so much to do in Le Havre and a person will never be bored here.

The city is a good mix of modern culture and ancient historic sites. It has magnificent architecture, rich history and also pubs and night life. The beaches are the striking features of the city.

The closest international airport to Le Havre is Paris' Charles De Gaulle airport. You can make connections to Le Havre directly from the airport or take a car into the town. There is also a ferry service from Portsmouth in England to Le Havre. There are several ways to get here, including frequent bus service from many important cities and the Euro rail as well.

Le Havre, being a historic city, does not have too many high rise buildings. This makes the city even more beautiful because the coast is visible from everywhere. The area around the Seine maritime is beautiful for recreation. The beaches are very romantic and dotted with many cafes and restaurants.

While traveling to a busy tourist and port city like Le Havre, you should take care of your own safety. Pickpockets are at large here, and you should be wary of your belongings.

The weather in Le Havre is mostly warm and sunny. There is does not rain very often here so you do not have to worry about wet weather ruining your holidays in this beautiful city.

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Travel To Le Havre




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