Lille Top Rated Restaurants Travel Guide  

Lille is located in the northern part of France. It is about 125 miles from Paris. It is connected by road and trains from Paris and also important international locations like London. Towards the west of Lille is Normandy and Belgium. Lille was a part of Flanders earlier which is in Belgium today. There are several specialties in Lille. It is much different than Paris or any other place that you would visit in France.

Lille is the fourth largest urban area in the country today. It is the next best city after Paris, Marseilles and Lyon. Once you are in Lille, you will see that several streets have been closed to traffic. This is because the pedestrians who are mostly tourists can be allowed to walk freely in the city. There are several shopping arcades and restaurants in the town.

Some of the top rated restaurants in Lille are as follows:

A l'Hauitriere: This is a high end restaurant, popular for its art deco dining room. If you are looking for Flemish dishes, this is the place to go. The restaurant also has a comprehensive wine list and the waiters would be more than willing to help you select one that will complement your food.

Creperie Beaurepaire: Lille has many creperies and this is one of the best because it has a beautiful courtyard where you can sit in the summer time. The menu has a good selection of glaettes and crepes. You should also order Breton cider, which is served here in the traditional cup. This is a budget creperie so you need not worry about the cost being beyond your reach.

Estaminet T Rijsel: This is a Flemish pub with a rural décor that looks as it would done centuries ago. The pub has a great ambiance and is always crowded at any time of the day. The house specialty is roast chicken smother in local cheese. The prices are in the medium range.

La Cave aux Fioles: The restaurant is housed in a medieval building and is known for its beautiful décor of bricks, beams and antiques. If you want to try meat dishes and Flemish recipes, you should visit this place. The restaurant also has a courtyard located indoors and a jazz bar.

L'Ecume des Mers: Seafood lovers should not miss a visit to this restaurant. Of course, when you go there, try out the monkfish with tarragon cream and aioli cod. These two dishes are out of the world. Although the service is not to great but the food is excellent. If you have a business meeting, you can reserve one of the many private dining rooms.

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Lille Top Rated Restaurants Travel Guide




Lille-Travel-Guide      Lille is a smallish city located in the northwestern region of France along the Mediterranean cost. The city is very modern, and is best known for its fast and modern culture. It is the fourth largest metropolitan city in France. It is almost on the border of Belgium and is separated by the Deule River. Lille is located both in Belgium and France, sharing its territory with both the countries. However, Lille is officially in France. The best way to get to Lille is by train and it is also a common route taken by visitors. More..




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