Attractions Near Marseille France  

Marseilles is one of the most attractive cities of France. The best thing about Marseilles is the beautiful coast line, the urbanized city environment, and historic places to visit. The Vieux Port in Marseilles is coming up as an active hub of nightlife. People flock here in the evening hours for fun and entertainment.

There are many restaurants here and also ship terminals. Both in combination make the most pleasant evening dinners. The main street is a bustling place with several activities and shopping. People also shop for antiques here as there are several boutiques out here. If you love classical music, then you should visit the Opera House. Also, several theaters in the city will have classic music or dramas. Marseilles city center also attracts several bands that converge here to play. Once you visit the downtown area, you will find it to be the liveliest place in the city.

Some of the major attractions in Marseilles that you should not miss are:

Vieux Port, which is an old port but a bustling place of activity. There are two forts within the port, and you can get reach them by ferries. The museum of the Roman Docks is also located here and has the typical look of an ancient dock yard.

The Town Hall is a 17th century building which over looks the old Port. It is a beautiful Baroque building.

La Canebiere is the main street of the city and is very cosmopolitan in its outlook.

Chateau d'If is an island which is also an old prison.

The Basilica of Notre Dame is a church and also the most visited attraction in the city.

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Attractions Near Marseille France




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