What To Wear In Marseille France In July ?  

Marseilles is the colorful city located on the Mediterranean coast of France. People from far and beyond have settled here. You find a mixed population of Italians, Greeks, North Africans, and Tunisians in the city. The city is extremely multi-cultural and cosmopolitan. Marseilles is a much bigger city than Paris, but it is unique in its own way.

It has several small villages and also an ultra modern downtown. The villages are very unique and different, and people should definitely visit them.

Some of the most popular villages of Marseilles are Le Panier, la Belle de Mai, Le Roucas, and Saint Geniez. Marseilles is very popular for the rich and diverse culture.

However, when you are visiting Marseilles as tourists you should know some important information about weather and climate. It is important to wear weather appropriate clothes in order to feel good. The city turns very hot in July, and it can be a bit uncomfortable for Americans. The weather from July to September is considered as summer. So, when you are visiting Marseilles in this season, you would want to wear light clothing. Keep it to lighter colors and cotton kind of material. However, be prepared for sudden showers. Carry a light jacket in your luggage. Good walking shoes are a must as you can expect to walk a lot through cobbled streets and climb staircases. Typical tourist’s clothes like jeans and t-shirts would do. However, you might want to carry a pair or two of formals for exquisite dining.

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What To Wear In Marseille France In July




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What To Wear In Marseille France In July ? )
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