How Tall Is The Eiffel Tower ?  

The first thing that comes to mind when someone talks about Paris is the Eiffel tower, a world famous, simple yet beautiful structure. Constructed in 1889 it used to be the highest building across the world. About Three hundred and twelve meters tall the Eiffel tower stood straight and high with the French flag hosted on top. Amazingly, this height is recorded as the shortest height that Eiffel Tower has ever been at. Later on radio transmission antennas were installed on the Eiffel Tower to catch and transmit radio waves.


Eiffel tower was constructed during 1889 on account of World Exhibition that was held to celebrate the French Revolution, 1789. Initially, this structure was meant to stay up for a short period for the occasion. It faced protests from artists and art connoisseurs, who did not see it as a distinct piece of art, and fears of Parisians who debated if this tall structure could fit in right with the rest of Parisian architecture. However, to visualize Paris without this beautiful structure, a representation of the City of Light is next to impossible. Millions of visitors over the years have come from various parts of the globe to view its unmatched beauty especially in the dark.

In 1991, radio antennae were installed on the Eiffel Tower and it grew to a height of 317.96 meters. Another advantage to the Eiffel Tower being used like a Radio Tower was that it protected it from getting demolished as many French inhabitants had an eye on it for metal scrap. In 1994, it grew higher by almost two more meters and its height-wise dimensions were logged as 319.70 meters. The Eiffel Tower in 2001 stood 324 meters tall. The increase in height is partly due to the property of expansion and contraction when exposed to different temperatures that every metal displays. This is the secret of the growing Eiffel Tower.

For many years, Eiffel Tower used to be known as the tallest construction ever built across the entire world. It was only when the Chrysler Building got completed in 1930 that it gave up this title.

Gustave Eiffel, a man known for his innovative bridge building skills was the master mind behind construction of Eiffel Tower. Earlier in his career, he had worked on building the iron framework for Statue of Liberty and had also been employed in 1884 at Garabit for constructing the well-known viaduct.

The complete structure of the Eiffel Tower took almost 2 years to stand up as a single piece. More than twelve thousand iron pieces were separately designed, prefabricated and fitted together with approximately seven million nails to get the required shape of the Eiffel Tower.

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