Day Trip To Provence Tours  

Several people question if a day trip to Provence is enough. With so many things to do and see here a day trip may not just be enough. However, if you can only go on a day trip to Provence, then you should put together the most ideal itinerary.

On a day trip you would like to drive up to Mont Ventoux. It can be the most memorable experiences for you. You will either witness landscapes of cherry blossoms or meadows that are carpeted with lavenders depending on the time of the year. The forests are lined with pine and oak trees. So there is so much nature to absorb in here.

Another thing to do on a day trip is to visit the wine country. You can taste some of the world class wines here. Marseilles is one of the first places in the entire Mediterranean coast to grow vine yards. The popular wine route has the most popular wine making companies.

The Village of St. Remy is one of the most popular villages. If you have the time, you should squeeze in a visit to this place. It is special because it was an ancient roman settlement that was surrounded by fort walls. The famous astrologer and physician Nostradamus lived here. Van Gogh was also from here and you can see several works by the artist housed here. Also, there are several other museums and restaurants here. Weekly street markets and festivals and occasions also mark the city and its celebrations.

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Day Trip To Provence Tours




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