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People who visit Provence will have the most memorable holidays of their life. People like Van Gogh, Nostradamus and several other renowned painters drew their inspiration from the beautiful sights of the city for their paintings. The very famous painting Starry Night was created in Provence.

Provence is a herb capital as several kinds of herbs that grow here but not in other places in the world. Herbs like rosemary give a pleasant smell to the air. You will find rolling meadows of poppies, lavenders, grape vines, poppies and olives. Several kinds of fruits grow here like cavallion melons, fresh figs and several types of cherries are grown here. The select crops give the city its much talked about beauty.

Also, do not forget to see the Church of Arles which has been restored to its original form.

It is just not the sceneries that make Provence special. What will make you trip memorable are the visits to the perched and ancient villages. Every village has its own specialty. Also, you can shop for a variety of things here like antiques, paintings and even local produce.

The city has many churches that were built in the 16th century. Several churches have been actually carved out in the surrounding hills, and the villages have been created by cutting the rocks.

People who love cycling can just rent bikes and cycle through the rolling meadows. There are also organized bicycle tours. Trips are designed for families, children and even groups. You can go to the right places and see the right views.

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Trips To Provence




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