How Strasbourg Better Than Paris ?  

Paris and Strasbourg are quite different cities by culture, sight seeing and also costs wise. Strasbourg is a city that is located on the Franco-German border. There are several influences of Germany on Strasbourg. Nearly half of Strasbourg lies in Germany. You can draw a fine comparison between the cities, and it is influenced by the countries and its own culture mainly.

The roads and motorways in German part are much better organized than in French part of the city. At least that is what several tourists feel. So you can actually see that effect on Strasbourg. Paris on the other hand has too many things to do and see. It has a great architectural wealth and history. The food in Paris is great and not comparable to any other place in the world as it is above them all.

All this sounds great. However, France is not a cheap place to visit. Everything from transport costs to museum tickets and food is expensive. Not to mention the airfares also. Accommodation is quite expensive and they barely include a single meal. You have to put in separate costs for everything you eat and do otherwise.

Strasbourg is much cheaper accommodation wise and also food is quite affordable. Talking about museums, Strasbourg has several of them. One common top attraction between Paris and Strasbourg is the number of museums. Both have too many of them. However, Paris museums can cost a lot, while in Strasbourg museums are free in Sundays and on weekdays the entry is cheaper compared to Paris. Shopping is much cheaper in Strasbourg, and also you get a lot more than you do in Paris.

So, if you take these aspects into account, one can easily say that Strasbourg is better than Paris when it comes to affordability and value for money.

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How Strasbourg Better Than Paris




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How Strasbourg Better Than Paris ? ? )
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