Unusual Facts About Strasbourg  

Strasburg is located on the Franco-German border. Nearly half the city lies in Germany. The culture of Strasbourg is very unique because it has a mix of both German and French cultures. It shows how the Alsace’s actually coexisted with both the cultures in the earlier centuries.

It is a good combination of the German enthusiasm and the French sophistication.

Strasbourg is located nearly 303 miles east of Paris. And, it is about 135 miles southwest of Frankfurt. So, the city is closer to major German cities.

Strasbourg is quite a populated place. You will find a lot of student population here as there are many colleges. In addition, many students holiday here as it is affordable for them.

Strasburg is the official host of several music festivals which again is the top reason to attract thousands of students every year.

Strasbourg has its own distinctive culture that is not anything similar to Paris. Also, it is not located anywhere close to the French capital, and yet you can find a lot of things to do here. Strasbourg is one of the three places in France to have an opera house. It also hosts two major international music festivals every year.

Strasbourg is considered much cheaper than other cities of France, and also more organized. The landmark of the city is the Cathedral of Notre Dame. It took almost two centuries to complete this structure. It is considered to be France’s treasure because you find unique influences of the Romanesque and Gothic style construction in the church.

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Unusual Facts About Strasbourg




What-Is-Strasbourg-Famous-For      Strasbourg lies on the northeastern border of France and Germany. The city is a host to several events, and it also has a rich cultural heritage. It has a unique combination of French and German cultures. Many people who visit Strasbourg say it is a picture postcard perfect city. More..




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