What Is Strasbourg Famous For ?  

Strasbourg lies on the northeastern border of France and Germany. The city is a host to several events, and it also has a rich cultural heritage. It has a unique combination of French and German cultures. Many people who visit Strasbourg say it is a picture postcard perfect city.

Strasbourg is famous for many things.

The city is very famous for music and is host to two major international music festivals. It organizes jazz, pop and rock concerts every year. The locations of the music festivals are in the most unexpected and beautiful places. Sometimes events are also held in the Church of Notre Dame. This is a two hundred year old church and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Music has brought several more things to the city and the government also decided to build the opera house here because of the fascination for music found in the city. This fascination is not new with the city as it has existed for ages.

Strasbourg is famous for its museums like Paris. It has several museums just like Paris. There is museum of fine arts and contemporary arts, museum for the Alsace’s and museum for decoratives. There are many more, and each one is unique and special for its collection. Strasbourg museum tickets are not very expensive and tourists can visit these museums for free on Sundays.

Opera House:
Strasbourg is very famous for the operas. It is home to one of the three opera houses in France. Several popular opera stars perform here. Opera lovers from all over the world come to see operas here.

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What Is Strasbourg Famous For




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