Toulouse Top Rated Attractions Travel Guide  

Anyone who wants to visit Toulouse and see its attractions will not have any shortage of places to visit. There are more than 30 top rated places of attraction that can be visited by tourists in Toulouse.

These attractions include religious buildings, museums, art galleries, lakes and rivers, monuments, historical buildings and botanical gardens. Some of the religious buildings include the Basilique St. Sernin, Basilique de la Daurade (it is well known for its golden mosaics that are there since the 16th century), Cathedrale St-Etienne and Eglise St-Pierre-des-Chartreux. Besides these, there are other monuments and buildings like Le Capitol and Dome de la Grave which are worth taking a look.

There are also museums and art galleries like Centre Municipal de l’Affiche, De la Carte Postale et de l’Art Graphique, Le Bazacle, Espace d’Art Moderne et Contemorain and Les Abbatoirs.

If one thought that this is all, then one may be in for a surprise as there are other attractions like Canal de Brienne (a canal built in the 1700s), Canal du Midi (the canal connecting Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea) and La Garrone River. One can also have a look at the movie theater called Cinematheque de Toulouse, which is also very attractive, and the Cimetiere de Terre-Cabade, which is so vast that it is a city in its own rights.

All in all, with so many attractions one can never get enough of Toulouse, and one is bound to have a great time in going around this city. Needless to mention that a trip to Toulouse will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

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Toulouse Top Rated Attractions Travel Guide




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