What To Do In Toulouse France ?  

Toulouse is known for its richness in history, culture and tradition. It is located in south-west France, and hence called the heart beat of France. It has a lively nightlife with classical as well as rock and pops and other musical events throughout the year. One such hot spot is Capitole and Wilson.

It is just not about musical concerts. One should not miss the operas and ballets held in Capitole where both national and international companies come forward to perform in these classical theaters.

Basilique St. Sernin is a large church in Toulouse that is open everyday for people to enjoy the visual beauty of the church. While in Toulouse, one should not miss the museum to know about its history. An exhibition, originally found in 1974, has all international photographs and it is on display at the museum.

In the year 1981, a Japanese garden was created which has a large park and is named Jardin Compans-Caffarelli.

Toulouse has its annual festivals every September when the streets are dominated with magicians and musicians. 

A visit to Pyrenees is something one would remember life long. People who are adventurous would love to ski and enjoy the nature. Hiking and trekking happens throughout the year. There is abundance of natural beauty with fields and mountain in the Basque Country. There are enough fields, medieval towns and the vineyards around Toulouse.

If it is the resorts and beaches one is looking for, then Biarritz, Bordeaux or Arcachon is the right answer. Barcelona, ‘Costa Brava’ and Montpellier are some of the places that should not be missed and they are easily accessible from Toulouse.

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What To Do In Toulouse France




Cheap-Flights-From-Uk-To-Toulouse-France      Toulouse is a beautiful city in France. It is located on the banks of the Garonee River, which falls halfway between the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. There are several places to visit in Toulouse like the Basilique of Saint Sernin, Capitole Theater, the Pont Neuf Bridge and les Augustins Museum. More..




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What To Do In Toulouse France ? )
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