Social Effects Of Berlin Wall  

The Berlin Wall caused more than a geographical and physical separation. It has soaked in on a much deeper level into the very hearts and lives of the people living behind the barrier.

Also, the socio-economic differences grew. The West thrived, while the East saw a very slow growth in a communist environment. Also, the shops in West Berlin had many items such as jeans and trendy dresses which the shops in East Berlin lacked. The Wall prevented access of such items which one might consider unimportant, but were, nonetheless, important in forging a way of life craved by all, especially by the East Germans, who lacked such trivial necessities.

Both the East and the West wished for the Wall to be destroyed but after the happy event, many have faced a few challenges which make them want to turn the clock back to the days of the Wall. 

With the coming down of the Wall, arose a few other factors which were socially damaging. Many East Germans, who have migrated to the West, are unable to find jobs that pay well. Even if they do get a job, they find that they are underpaid when compared to their Western counterparts. This has led to disillusionment, and many feel like they are second class citizens. 

The West Germans, on the other hand, complain that the Easterners have taken over the job market by working for less. They feel that this has led to a detriment of economic standards and this has damaged the social standards. 

The Berlin Wall might have been torn down, but the differences in the hearts of men have yet to go.

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Social Effects Of Berlin Wall




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