Written History On Berlin Wall  

The Berlin Wall was built by the East German government in 1961 as an effort to safeguard themselves from Western capitalism.  In truth, it was to keep the East Germans from migrating over to the West. The West had a lot to offer in terms of politics, economic standards and social attractions.

After World War II the city was divided in two with the Soviet having one zone and the Western powers, that is, the United States, England and France dividing the remaining among them. The sectors under the Western world grew strong and free. However, the East Germans were under an oppressive communist rule. 

The border was closed in 1952 but it did not stop East Germans from fleeing over to the other side. Hence, the need for a barrier, which was the Berlin Wall and it stood, dividing the city, for around 28 years.

The city was broken in two with the roads and railways split.  If there were any houses in between the fence, they were razed to the ground. 

At first the Wall only made up of barbed wire. Concrete soon took over. The Wall was a sterile white which the West Germans decorated with graffiti. Artists of all genres contributed. The Easterners could paint on their side only after the Wall was officially torn down. The graffiti was their way of showing contempt for the Berlin Wall.

The Wall was torn down on November 9, 1989. The new SED government had a more liberal view to the Wall’s message, and so it resulted in the barrier being broken down. It symbolized the end of the Cold War and opened doors to the Eastern part of the city. In effect, once the Berlin Wall was torn down, it united both the Germanys.

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Written History On Berlin Wall




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