Berlin Wall History  

Berlin Wall History

World War II left a legacy of separation for Germany. It was the year 1945 and Germany was torn in two. The East became a communist country under the aegis of the erstwhile Soviet Union, while West Germany became a democracy, which was supported by the United States, England and France.More...



Social Effects Of Berlin Wall

Social Effects Of Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall caused more than a geographical and physical separation. It has soaked in on a much deeper level into the very hearts and lives of the people living behind the barrier.More...



What Was The Cause Of The Berlin Airlift ?

What Was The Cause Of The Berlin Airlift

The Berlin Airlift came as a direct counter effect of the Berlin Blockade. The blockade was caused by the Soviet in an attempt to gain control over the entire city of Berlin. They wanted to force the Western Allies to submit to their authority by becoming the main supplier of food and fuel to the city of Berlin.More...



Who Was Involved In The Berlin Airlift ?

Who Was Involved In The Berlin Airlift

The main parties who were involved were the Soviet Union, who were on one side, and the Allied Forces on the other side. The United States, Britain and France formed the Allied Forces.More...




Why Was The Berlin Wall Taken Down ?

Why Was The Berlin Wall Taken Down

The Berlin Wall separated the communist East Berlin from the democratic West Berlin.  It was erected by East Germany in an effort to protect itself from hostility from the West.  However, it mainly served to prevent free access of the people from one sector of the city to the other.More...




Written History On Berlin Wall

Written History On Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was built by the East German government in 1961 as an effort to safeguard themselves from Western capitalism.  In truth, it was to keep the East Germans from migrating over to the West. The West had a lot to offer in terms of politics, economic standards and social attractions.More...





Significance-Of-Berlin-Blockade      The Berlin Blockade actually started in January 1947, with America and Britain joining their two zones in Berlin together to strengthen Germany’s economy and industry. They called their new zone Bizonia, and even introduced a new currency for it. More..




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