Frankfurt And The Red Light District  

Frankfurt is filled with many attractions, including museums, galleries and also a vibrant night life. Tourists are flocking in, and the economy is booming thanks to the expansion of its international airport.

An unexpected development came in the form of its red light district which has also grown with the economy. Frankfurt is fast becoming Germany’s major sex city. The inhabitants as well as tourists can now shop for things with sex on their list as well. In fact, it has become legal to do so. 

As a matter of fact, sex shops have been set up in the airport and even railway stations. They have varied kinds of wares to offer the tourist in transit. The Bahnhofsviertel, which is around the main railway station, is one of Frankfurt’s red light districts. Another one is Kaiserstrasse. The red light districts have undergone a facelift and are now entertainment centers which are in vogue.  If one wants to visit them, it is best to go on a Friday or Saturday night. Entertainment is at its best then. 

Tourists, these days, add the two red light districts to their list of places to see. One might say that it has become the norm to do so. Even if one does not indulge in the activities, one can still have a lot of fun just observing the sights such places have to offer. Most find that wandering around in those streets a pleasant way to spend the evening.

A person can walk safely among the streets of a red light district without fear of being mugged. The Frankfurt police are always around and are doing a great job on security.

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Frankfurt And The Red Light District




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