Facts About Pompeii  

There are several interesting facts associated with the ancient city of Pompeii.

One of them is that the Mount Vesuvius, whose eruption led to the total destruction of the city, was located just 5 kilometers from the city. And although the eruption was quite sudden, the area experienced mild seismic activity previously, records show.

    • The people of Pompeii were not aware that Mt. Vesuvius was a volcano because it had not erupted for more than 1000 years. In fact, there is no Latin word that fits to describe a volcano.
    • The longer the volcano continues to be inactive, the deadlier it will be in its next explosion. And that is exactly what happened when Mt Vesuvius erupted. However, there were indications that Mt. Vesuvius was going to erupt as there ancient city of Pompeii experienced earthquakes and underground springs went dry. However, the residents did not know what these indicators were and what they meant.  
    • A basin of scorching magma about 3 kilometers long formed just around the Vesuvius, locked within by a cap of old magma.
    • The explosion in 79 AD was truly strange, with no lava or some other features usually connected with volcanoes. What happened was a Plinian explosion, which is the most perilous and frightened type of all. The eruption involved magma, super-heated gas and ash that shape a huge soaring line that accumulates in the sky. Vesuvius erupts in such a manner once in 2000 years.
    • From start to end, the Vesuvius eruption only took less than 24 hrs.
    • The Herculaneum seaside resort was buried below 25m of pyroclastic materials, widening the seaside by sound 450 meters.  
    • Vesuvius burst out materials of around 4 cubic kilometers on Campania that same day. The ash fall was tracked down as far as the Africa.
    • Had the eruption taken place on other time, the residents of Pompeii may, perhaps, have had a chance to run away and flee to safety.

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    Facts About Pompeii




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