Climate In Rome Italy  

There is a common misconception that the climate in Rome is Mediterranean. However, this belief is not true.

The climate of Rome, Italy, borders between Mediterranean and temperate climates. The reason is that Rome is just a few miles away from the sea, and it is also very close to Apennines. The coast of Rome does not experience a huge temperature swing as compared to other cities.

Autumn is the best time to travel in Rome. Starting from mid September to October, is the right time you must visit Rome. There are chances of rain but the temperature and the temperature may fall quite a bit at night. But the overall weather is quite pleasant. In fact, the pleasant weather can also stretch till the first half of November. During this time, it is sunny and the sky is clear and blue.  

The temperature in April and May is almost similar to that of October. The climate in March is a bit erratic. The peak tourist season for Rome is Spring and Autumn because of its pleasant weather. During spring, the mood is upbeat as everyone looks forward to holidays and time at the beach. The humidity and heat levels are highest during July and August. But summer is also the season of festivals in Rome. The Romans eat, drink and make merry during that time. There is a sense of vibrancy all around.

During January and February, the climate is extremely cold. However, snow is a rare phenomenon. However, it can rain at a drop of a hat, and it is best to be armed during these months with an umbrella so that you are always prepared for the unexpected rain.   

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Climate In Rome Italy




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